Weather: risk of downpours this Friday in Morocco

Here are the weather forecasts for Friday, July 12, 2019, prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate:

– Hot enough weather on the South-East, the Oriental, the Saiss, the phosphate plateaus and the South.

– Unstable clouds with clouds or showers and thunderstorms over the North Atlantic plains, the Northwest, the Rif, the Mediterranean, the Saiss, the upper and middle atlas reliefs and the Oriental.

– Local drizzle at times on the central coasts and the Mediterranean.

– Slight to clear skies elsewhere.

– Low, dense clouds with mist or fog in the morning and night on the Atlantic coasts and plains and the Mediterranean.

– Sand hunting in places on the Southeast, South East and South provinces.

– Moderate to fairly strong wind from the North over the South provinces, from the South to West over the Atlas, the South of the East and the South-East and from the West over the Tangier and moderate from the West to the North elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of around 15/21°C on the hills, the Tangiers, the Atlantic plains, the interior plains, the Souss, the north of the southern provinces and near the coast, 21/26°C on the eastern, Saiss, Rif, phosphate and Ulmès plateaus, the southeast slopes and the interior of the southern provinces and 26/30°C on the south and southeast extremes.

– Maximum temperature varying between 23/28°C near the coast, 28/35°C on the hills, the Atlantic plains, the interior plains, the Souss and the North-West of the southern provinces, 35/42°C on the phosphate plateaus, the Tadla plains, the Saiss, the Oriental, the southeast and the east and south slopes of the southern provinces and 42/45°C on the southeast.

– Sea fair or slightly moderate over the Mediterranean, the Strait and between Tangier and Larache, slightly moderate between Larache and Boujdour, and slightly moderate or moderate in the South.

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