WhatsApp: what will change in the coming months?

The WhatsApp messaging application, used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, will undergo significant changes in the coming months.

Here are the main changes expected:

Face ID / Touch ID

WhatsApp will offer its fans a new security feature that allows them to lock access to the application when using Touch ID or face ID.

Limited forwarding of messages

Restrictions on message sharing will be tightened. Messages can no longer be shared with more than five different recipients. Objective: to fight against the spread of false information. Until then, a message could be forwarded up to 20 times…

Dark Mode

The “Dark Mode” allows you to replace the bench bottom of the application with black so as not to damage your eyes too much. The dark theme also saves the battery of the devices. A black background will consume less energy than a white background.

Add control

The email application will set up a tool that allows users to control their addition to a conversation group. Instead of blocking group administrators, the user will be able to choose who can add it.

Advertising will be coming soon

Like other applications, WhatsApp will soon display ads through the “Status” feature. These ads, which will have the same form as a message from one of the contacts, will contain a redirect link to the merchant’s website.

The video picture-in-picture

This new feature allows you to watch a video in a small window while using other applications on the smartphone.