Video : Cristiano Ronaldo tells the backstory of his famous celebration

When we think of CR7, we necessarily think of our “suuuuuuuuuu”. A famous celebration whose origin was unknown until now. At Soccer, the Portuguese star spoke about the genesis of his move, which Juventus Stadium likes to take back with every goal from his goleador.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner has hit the back of the net on a regular basis down the years and established his own way of marking that achievement

Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that the goal celebration with which he is now synonymous was merely a “completely natural” reaction to finding the target while at .

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, who is currently on the books of giants , has had plenty of practice down the years when it comes to finding the target.

His stunning strike rate means that he is never far away from getting the opportunity to revel in the acclaim of an adoring fan base.

It was, however, back in the summer of 2013 that he gave his famous “Siiii” a first run out.

Explaining the origins of his actions, which see him spin in mid-air before landing with his arms outstretched, Ronaldo told : “It was when we were playing in the USA and I really don’t know how it came about.

“I scored and it just came out. It was completely natural to be honest.

“Afterwards, I realised I enjoyed it and started to do it more often. I saw that the fans liked it and that they’d remember it so I carried on doing it.”

Ronaldo went on to net 51 times for Real in the 2013-14 campaign, before raising that tally to 61 the following season and never again dropping below the 40-goal mark before he departed Madrid in the summer of 2018.

, while also taking his haul of international efforts for to 88 in 158 appearances.

A standing as an all-time great, and arguably the best ever, has already been firmly established by a modern-day icon.

Ronaldo is, however, prepared to admit that he still looks up to heroes of the past.

Many of those plying their trade at present would welcome the opportunity to play alongside him, but who does the 34-year-old superstar idolise?


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