Surprise: Vinicius and Rodrygo are registered in Castilla

According to the regulations, if Vinicius played more than 10 games with the first team he could no longer play with the subsidiary. Rodrygo could go up and down.

Real Madrid continue to administratively accommodate their new young signings. If Kubo has been enrolled in Juvenile A, where, by the way, there is also Theo Zidane, the third son of the French coach, now those who have been enrolled in a subsidiary are Vinicius and Rodrygo. The two are at least part of the bureaucratic aspects of the list of players of Raul de Castilla.

With Vinicius a similar situation is repeated, because he was already registered in the Juvenil last season when he arrived as he was still of legal age (he was 18 years old) to do so. It is Rodrygo’s first entry and has been made in the same category as his compatriot. Both will continue training with the first team and will not create problems for Castilla, which is willing to raise players of the Juvenil.

However, there is a relevant point. According to article 226 of the Regulations, “the footballer may return to the club of origin unless he has been lined up in the superior in ten matches, alternately or successively, in any of the official competitions in which he participates, regardless of the real time they have acted”.

There is one exception. That the footballer is professional and is of Juvenile age. Rodrygo does meet this requirement (he was born in January 2001) and Vinicius does not (July 2000).