Ajax, Ten Hag says goodbye to De Ligt: ‘Cessation is inevitable, He’s a phenomenon’.

The countdown has started: Matthijs De Ligt is getting closer to Juventus.

The confirmation also comes from Erik Ten Hag, coach of Ajax, who said from the Austrian withdrawal: “Last season, thanks to our philosophy, the team and the players themselves, De Jong and De Ligt have become phenomena, so as to attract the attention of the European big.

They have exceptional qualities. Before last year, Frenkie had never led our midfield, then we all know how it went. In the end it became essential for Ajax and the Netherlands, I don’t see why it can’t happen to another player this year.

De Ligt away? We’ve known for a long time that this would happen, it’s good that it happens now. There’s a place available, someone else will have to fill it”.

In Turin, the wait for the defender is already very much alive. In the next hours, in fact, the player will land in Caselle and will support the usual medical visits, before signing the contract that will bind him to the HCL team for a sum of 12 millions per year.

In the meantime, a backstage appears from Spain: according to Mundo Deportivo’s report, Barcelona would have made a last attempt in the last hours for the Dutch player, but the agreement with Juve was by now total.