Health: a big scam at fictional dialysis sessions

Faced with a lack of control, several hemodialysis centres partnering with provincial health delegations present lists of beneficiaries of managed sessions with the names of ghost patients.

The Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Health has just made a strange discovery: The 250 lists of people benefiting from dialysis sessions in different centres in the kingdom each include about a hundred names of patients… ghosts. In its Friday, July 19 edition, Assabah reported that these lists were to include the names of patients who had received sessions as part of partnerships between provincial health delegations and hemodialysis centres. Except that it now appears that the names on the lists in question have never benefited from these meetings. The same source adds that several recently appointed health delegates have reported the existence of several dysfunctions in the management of lists of beneficiaries of different medical procedures. The absence of organized archives listing the names of patients, the nature of the procedures and the dates on which they were performed has also been pointed out in different regions of the kingdom.

One of the newly appointed delegates testifies, in the columns of the daily newspaper, to the catastrophic situation in the management of provincial health delegations. He cites, for example, the situation in the delegation to which he was appointed, noting that his predecessor, who had left to take up another position, had left behind him total anarchy. He also points out that several haemodialysis centres are still waiting for the payment of the services provided, knowing that the delegation has no way of checking whether or not these acts have actually been carried out.

In the case of this delegate, Assabah reports that he informed the central management of the countless dysfunctions observed, particularly in the management of the lists of beneficiaries of dialysis sessions. And it would seem that this is not an isolated case, since several provincial delegations are experiencing the same situation, leaving the field open to the managers mentioned in some hemodialysis centres.


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