King Mohammed VI evoked Algeria’s coronation in his speech

King Mohammed VI - Algeria AFCON 2019

King Mohammed VI addressed a speech to the Nation on Monday on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his accession to the Throne.

In his speech, the Sovereign renewed his hand extended to Algeria. “(…) No single country can meet the security and development challenges we face alone. We therefore reaffirm our sincere commitment to keep our hand outstretched towards our brothers in Algeria, faithful in this respect to the bonds of fraternity, religion, language and good neighbourliness that have always united our two brotherly peoples,” the King said.

He added: “The latest illustration of this proximity dates back to the African Cup of Nations, recently held in the sister country of Egypt, during which the King and the people of Morocco, in a spontaneous and sincere gesture, expressed their sympathy and enthusiastic support for the Algerian team. They joined the Algerian people in sharing their pride, following the victory they deserved at this competition, because they felt that this victory was also theirs.

This deep faith in the community of destiny, underpinned by a common history and civilization, encourages us to work, with hope and optimism, towards the realization of aspirations for unity, complementarity and integration, supported by our brotherly Maghrebi peoples”.

It should be recalled that Morocco is celebrating, on 30 July, the 20th anniversary of the enthronement of King Mohammed VI.


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