Cancelled US visas: the response of the US Embassy in Rabat

A group of Moroccans who received their visas for the United States were surprised to learn that their visas had been cancelled. They are called upon to file a new application. The details.

The American visa recently issued to a group of Moroccans has been cancelled. With their sesame in their pocket, very happy to have obtained their visa, the interested parties were contacted by the consular services and called upon to come back to submit a new application.

The information was confirmed by the United States Consulate in Casablanca where these visas were issued. “A small number of American visas held by Moroccans have been cancelled due to additional procedures initiated after issuance,” a source in the consulate’s press relations department said.

The exact number of Moroccans who received this bad news was not specified. “I don’t have the exact figure, all I can tell you is that compared to the large number of visas granted to Moroccans, 20,000 in total, the number of cancellations is paltry,” says Josh Waggener, spokesman for the United States Embassy in Morocco.

The additional procedures, too, have not been specified by the United States Consulate in Casablanca. The affected persons were called separately to complete the form again and to provide all necessary supporting documents. “Although we are not in a position to comment on specific visa cases, it should be recalled that this situation has affected only a small number of Moroccan US visa holders,” adds a source from the US Consulate in Casablanca.

Josh Waggener, for his part, says that the reasons for his cancellations depend on each case without giving any further details on why they were cancelled.

“We are aware of the inconvenience that may have been caused, but we already have an appointment schedule to be able to process all cases and speed up the procedure for granting visas to those concerned,” the spokesman for the United States Embassy reassures.

If no new procedures have been imposed on Moroccan citizens applying for visas to the United States, what has really happened? Despite our insistence, the services concerned did not agree to provide more information on this subject.