Vin Diesel stuntman falls nine metres on the set of Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel stuntman falls nine metres on the set of Fast and Furious

Vin Diesel stuntman was severely wounded in the head and placed in an artificial coma. The film’s production was put on hold without a specific resumption date.

While Hobbs and Shaw, the spin-off of the saga, was released in early August, a serious accident suspended the shooting of the ninth installment of the steering wheel crazies, Fast and Furious. Joe Watts, Vin Diesel’s understudy, fell more than nine metres according to the Daily Mail. An investigation was opened to find out the reason for this accident. The first conclusions suggest a safety cable that broke when the stuntman jumped from a balcony onto the set.

The Universal studio immediately interrupted production of the film: “One of our stuntmen was injured today on the set of Fast 9 in Leavesden,” said a studio spokesman, quoted by Deadline. “We stopped shooting for a day to focus on this situation.”

A shocked fiancée and an actor on the verge of tears
Joe Watts was placed in an artificial coma after a head injury,” says his fiancée on Facebook, who is visibly devastated by the event. However, she wants to be reassuring: “Joe has suffered a serious head injury and is in an artificial coma. He is stable and has been under close surveillance all night.”

According to the Daily Mail, Vin Diesel, who was present at the scene, is in a state of shock. “Vin Diesel was seen a few seconds later. He had tears in his eyes and seemed to be totally shocked. He saw what happened.” An accident that is reminiscent of the tragic death of the stuntman who was doubling Vin Diesel on the set of xXx in 2002. Shooting of Fast and Furious 9 has not yet resumed and no information has yet been circulated on this subject.