UAE : Moroccan actress Mariam Hussein to serve 3 months in jail

Mariam Hussein to serve 3 months in jail

After months of mutual litigation and accusations, the United Arab Emirates justice system has put an end to the dispute between the Moroccan singer and actress Mariam Hussein and Saleh Al Jasmi.

The Dubai Criminal Court eventually sentenced the singer to three months in prison and an expulsion from the United Arab Emirates. Mariam Hussein was accused of having sex with a rapper during New Year’s celebrations.

The case broke out last year between Mariam Hussein and the Emirati journalist Saleh Al Jasmi. The latter had decided to sue the Moroccan actress after receiving and broadcasting a video of her having sex.

Al Jasmi did not hesitate to thank her lawyer and said via her Twitter account: “Thank you to the Prosecutor’s Office who was fair. And all the respect and gratitude to the justice of our country”.

For his part, Mariam Hussein’s lawyer stated via his Twitter account that the decision to exclude his client from the United Arab Emirates was “arranged in advance”, while specifying that the verdict is not final and that Mariam Hussein would be the subject of an appeal to prove his innocence.