Two Moroccan artists accused of adultery: the latest developments

Two Moroccan artists accused of adultery: the latest developments

The adultery case against an actress and a director is growing. It should be remembered that it was the complaint of the actress’ husband, a businessman based in the United States, that triggered everything, reports the daily Assabah.

After being summoned last Tuesday to the headquarters of the Anfa Judicial Police, the two artists were presented to the prosecutor.

The actress once again denied the serious accusations of infidelity made against her by her husband. She reiterated her first statements that her nocturnal presence in an apartment in the Maârif district was to discuss a joint artistic project with the director.

The latter, in turn, gave the same explanations during his hearing by the competent representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office, adds the same source. For his part, the complainant did not change his accusations one iota. In his opinion, he relies on the testimonies of neighbours and the building’s caretaker. For them, the actress and the director presented themselves as husband and wife. What the husband considers sufficient evidence that their relationships are intimate and go beyond the workplace.

Among the many proofs that this is indeed an adultery case for the husband, are the approximately 60 photos he had presented to the courts. The representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office therefore decided to hand the case over to the judicial police for further investigation into certain evidence. The result of the expertise of the clues collected in the apartment and the telephone messages exchanged by the two alleged lovers will determine what is really going on.

While waiting to see more clearly in this case, the artistic community is in turmoil and shouts at the plot hewn by the husband against two artists loved and respected by all. Thus, on social networks, testimonies of support multiply in favour of the actress and the director and point to the husband who, for reasons of conjugal vengeance, has woven this scenario from scratch, according to friends, colleagues and relatives of the two suspects.