Lady Gaga explains how the elite creates division and spreads hatred among the masses

The world has reached a point where we are forced to think about our direction.

We are so divided as a society that we have forgotten to care about each other. We are so caught up in the difference that we have forgotten that we have more similarities than differences.

We have created these divisions based on “race”, religion, gender, culture, gender orientation, food choices, beliefs and many other things. We are so divided that the traditional media take advantage of this situation and divide us more.

We have built a culture of hatred and fear. That is why our rhetoric is constantly moving towards the decisive and adopts conclusions reminding us of “us” and “them”, when we could simply speak of “us”.

We all know Lady Gaga. And in this video, she talks about exactly that.

Lady Gaga explains how the elite creates the division:

Take a cue from Lady Gaga today.

Publiée par A Plus sur Samedi 30 septembre 2017