Spooktober: 10 next-level horrors every Arab can relate to

Spooktober: 10 next-level horrors every Arab can relate to

Who said Halloween horrors are exclusive to fiction?

Rayana Khalaf1. Horror movies have got nothing on Arab drivers

From the streets ridden with potholes to the drivers fueled by road rage, driving in Arab cities is not for the faint-hearted. Arab drivers pretty much get the same spine-chilling effect as watching a horror movie.

2. Nothing gets your heart racing like crossing an Arab street

Not to mention walking the streets as a woman during nighttime; that's a whole other level of creepy.

3. Small talk with Arab relatives … the horror!

Horror is defined as "fear, shock, or disgust." Yep, that perfectly describes small talk with some nosy, big-mouthed, and judgmental relatives.

4. "Momken net3arraf" messages redefine creepy

If you're a woman active on social media, you have probably come across Arab guys' creepy and intrusive message requests. Such guys flood women's inboxes with messages – more like monologues – that range from the harmlessly hilarious to the profoundly disturbing, so it's pretty much Spooktober all year long in women's "other inbox."

5. The post-graduation life is all sorts of scary

From unreasonable requirements to the power of wasta (nepotism), the employment scene is a real nightmare in many Arab countries, especially if you're a fresh graduate.

6. These hand gestures are worth a thousand verbal threats

Are you really an Arab kid if the fear of God doesn't run down your spine when your parent makes one of these gestures? Brace yourself for the impending rage coming your way.

7. Horror movie idea: Traveling to the West as an Arab

Thanks to racism and xenophobia, and all the stereotypes and misconceptions in this regard, Arab travelers feel pressured to stay on high alert during their trips abroad.

8. Not scary enough? Try growing up with strict Arab parents

You aren't fazed by Halloween pranks if you were raised by strict Arab parents, as your tolerance for shock and stress is probably high beyond compare.

9. Seeing someone you know in a place you shouldn't be in = Mini heart attack

Brace yourself for a whole lot of drama.

10. Some Arab salons have no concept of what a "simple" look means, and the result is the stuff of horror films

Is it a Halloween costume or just a beautician's take on party makeup? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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