Australia: A woman is suspected of decapitating her mother before disposing of her head at neighbours’ house

The scene is described as “appalling” by the police. An Australian woman, charged with murder on Sunday 21 July, is suspected of having beheaded her mother in the presence of a child, before placing her head in the neighbours’ driveway. Australian police reported in local media that the 57-year-old victim’s body was found Saturday evening at her home in Sydney.

A four-year-old family member attended the crime scene, which was described as “horrible” by shocked police officers.

The 25-year-old woman was arrested in the garden in front of the neighbours’ house. She had placed her mother’s head in the driveway leading to their home, according to the Daily Telegraph (link for subscribers). According to Australian television ABC, the young woman and her mother had a fight and the argument became violent. The ABC site claims that the Australian appeared on Sunday by video link before the Parramatta court. She said she wanted medical help.

“A horrible attack”
The police confirmed to AFP that the young woman had been taken to the hospital for assessment. A four-year-old family member attended the crime scene. He was taken to hospital for a minor head injury before joining his family, police said.

Support was offered to the police officers who discovered the scene, according to Detective Brett McFadde. “Police officers are trained to respond to all types of situations, but the fact remains that this was a horrible attack,” he told reporters in Sydney. “This was one of the strongest and most horrific scenes the police have ever dealt with,” continued Brett McFadde.


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