Rabat: We now know when the new buses will be up for service (PICTURES)

The Moroccan capital’s bus fleet will be revamped. The Alsa-City Bus group, which had won the delegated management of urban bus transport in Rabat -Salé-Témara, will start its activity before the next school year, the vice-mayor of Rabat, Abdellatif Soudou, announced on Facebook this Tuesday.

The manager also indicated that part of the new fleet could enter service before Eid al-Adha, “if all the steps are completed”.

As a reminder, the giant of the automotive industry, Mercedes Benz, had started manufacturing the 350 vehicles, which will be made available to Rbatis.

Rabat will acquire 102 buses, 18 metres long, as well as 248 other specific buses, which will gradually come into service.

The fleet of approximately 350 buses will cover the 58 lines in the Moroccan capital. 60 million passengers are expected per year. The new buses will be equipped with electronic ticketing, access for people with reduced mobility and a WIFI network open to passengers.

ستنطلق الحافلات الجديدة لشركة ألزا في إطار العقد المبرم بينها و بين مؤسسة التعاون بين الجماعات "العاصمة" للتجمع الحضري…

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