“Outraged” by rumours, Mohammed VI and Lalla Salma of Morocco break the silence

Because of their ranks, they had never stooped to comment on the rumours. The most recent ones suggesting a family breakdown are no longer bearable. Indignant, Mohammed VI and Lalla Salma both recall decency. Their lawyer, Me Dupond-Moretti, took up their anger and defended their honour.

Silence has an end. Especially when lying starts to impress minds. Through their lawyer, Me Eric Dupond-Moretti, King Mohammed VI of Morocco and his ex-wife Lalla Salma have jointly announced that the rumours of fleeing or kidnapping children that have been circulating since the beginning of July are intolerable. These rumours are “firmly and formally denied” by the Alawi ruler and the princess, parents of two teenagers, Moulay El Hassan, 16, and Lalla Khadija, 12.

“Extremely serious assertions”
They declare themselves “scandalized” by “extremely serious assertions”. His Majesty and his ex-wife refuted them with one voice. Eric Dupond-Moretti has no reservations about the fact that they come from foreign sites spreading false information for “malicious purposes”, and recalls that this is an “act liable to prosecution for defamation”.

"Outraged" by rumours, Mohammed VI and Lalla Salma of Morocco break the silence

The legal counsel is just as outraged that a parallel is drawn with another princess.” The comparison is based on nothing more than the fact that they are both princesses,” says the famous lawyer, who pleads respect for a family and the need to set the truth straight once and for all.