Casablanca: A new war is declared against rats

The urban municipality of Casablanca and the local development company Casablanca Baia on Wednesday formalized the entry into force of a joint agreement on the control of disease vectors, pests and the capture of stray animals.

The agreement, worth 20 million dirhams, is based on a concise and integrated action plan with annual objectives, mainly the treatment of more than 120,000 sewers against rats and rodents, the control of crawling insects in more than 5,000 km of sanitation network, the treatment of 50,000 km of boulevards and streets against insects and the capture of over 30,000 stray dogs.

In order to ensure the achievement of these objectives, the necessary human resources (doctors, technical staff and workers) have been mobilized and have received theoretical and practical training in the fields of safety, communication and skills development.

Similarly, significant material and logistical resources will be deployed, including five high-capacity robotic insect control sprayers, 21 commercial vehicles and 17 electric mopeds for disease vector control teams, 10 equipped vans for capturing stray animals and a laboratory equipped with modern equipment for classifying insects and rodents and various work tools.

In order to ensure greater interactivity and responsiveness, the toll-free number “0800 00 45 45 45” and the digital application “casamdinti” have been made available to residents of the metropolis.