10 things that women do when they are in love

Being in love is happiness! You have butterflies in your stomach, a happy smile and you see the world through big pink glasses. The only disadvantage is that you are not quite yourself and sometimes do strange things…

1. You look at your mobile phone

You check your phone 5,000 times a day to see if your man hasn’t sent you a message. And every time it rings, your heart speeds up. If it is not him, you are almost disappointed and do not want to answer the person who contacted you. If it’s him, you jump all over the place, even before you read the message.

2. You surf on social networks

You check his Facebook page, Twitter profile and Instagram account every day. Whether you only go a few times or 75 times a day, you feel that it is not really harassment but rather love. You also apply yourself to liking or commenting on all his photos and statutes. And beware of those who dare to do the same.

3. You know everything

You know everything about him! The names of parents, siblings, friends (especially friends), pets and colleagues. You also know his favorite music, movies and series, his favorite dish and where he would love to go on a trip. Some of this information comes from him, but you have discovered most of it on social networks. Or by searching his phone. Not well!

4. You have a gift of gratitude

You can recognize your lover even when he is from behind or 100m from you. His hair, his ears, his voice,… In the evening you spot him among the huge crowd. It’s like a projector just turned on and everyone was moving away to let you find yourself.

5. You attract attention

You regularly try to get his attention. You post an article on Facebook about his favorite series and you discuss topics that you know he is interested in. Whereas you, in reality, not at all.

6. You are dreaming

You dream about him every night. But also during the day, at work, while cooking, during shopping,… It haunts your thoughts! And he’s not always dressed in your dreams.

7. You pursue perfection

You are always well dressed and never have a hair that protrudes. You put on your best clothes, put on your beautiful pumps and apply the perfect make-up. You walk very elegantly and pull in your belly. You try to show your best side: you are never stubborn, impatient or grumpy again. Deposits and farts are also banned from your life. For a while, at least.

8. You talk a lot

Your friends are tired of hearing you talk about your dear and tender. As if he were the sweetest, most beautiful, most romantic, most sporting, most intelligent lover on earth…. In all conversations, you manage to place his name and a couple of anecdotes about him. “Oh, you know X had studied this before?” and “By the way, X cooks very well.” The thirtieth time, it gets irritating…

9. You do everything

You’re overflowing with love! Five hours on a train to meet him? Check. Go to a football game when you hate it? Check. Make her sandwiches every day? Check. But he’s so cute….

10. You are happy

No matter how strange you may seem, everyone behaves that way when they are in love. And that’s a good thing! You are euphoric, everything around you seems cute, and your problems become much less constraining. You live on a cloud. And there’s nothing more beautiful than this craze. Enjoy it!


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