The Moroccan Rapper “Gnawi” Has Been Arrested In Salé, and Here’s Why!

The Moroccan Rapper "Gnawi" Has Been Arrested In Salé, and Here's Why!

After the release of his song “Aâcha Chaâb” on Youtube, Moroccan rapper Mohamed Gnawi was arrested on Friday in his apartment in Salé.

According to sources, a wanted notice had been issued against him, stating that he had been arrested for contempt and insulting police officers. The young rapper “Gnawi” had indeed published a video on his social networks where he insulted police officers.

It should be noted that the last song of “Gnawi”, performed with rappers Weld Lagriya and Lazaâr, was widely viewed on Youtube.

Contacted to comment on the facts as a rapper formerly known for his lyrical songs in the group L’Bassline, Hamza l’BS explains that the person concerned had “had had problems with the police for a fortnight already”

He also believes that the song recently released online is a “cry from the heart of a youth left on the margins”. In the video, we see the trio of rappers denouncing social injustice, repression, and abuse of power.

Since last night, the trio of rappers who appeared in the video say they are wanted and believe that the procedure has been initiated following the release of their song. However, a police source cited by Lakome2 indicates that GNAWI’s arrest follows an investigation where he is suspected of insulting and attacking a police officer and police services, not for the song itself.


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