15-year-old teenager shot dead in the North: one of the suspects admits to having fired the fatal shot

Three men were indicted and jailed after the death in May of a 15-year-old teenager who was shot and killed in Aniche (North), and one of them confessed to the deadly shooting, the Douai prosecutor said on Friday.

The mystery surrounding the death of Iverson, the 15-year-old teenager who was shot in the head in front of the door of his apartment in Aniche (North) on the evening of May 1, is fading. One of the three suspects “admitted to being the author of the deadly shooting”, Frédéric Teillet, Douai’s public prosecutor, revealed this Friday in a statement.

An accidental shooting?

As a reminder, three men, including two hooded men, fled in a vehicle belonging to the parents of a cousin of the victim after the murder. The 20-year-old cousin, who was “very unfavourably known to the police”, was arrested the day after the incident. “He acknowledged his presence on the scene, indicating that he was forced by two hooded individuals to participate in these events,” the prosecutor said today.

Another suspect, aged 22, was then identified and arrested on 26 June in the Lille conurbation by the DIPJ (Interregional Directorate of the Judicial Police) of the BIS (Brigade de recherche et d’intervention) of Lille. The investigators then “found in the common areas of the building a hunting rifle compatible with the weapon used in Aniche”. It was he who, during his interrogation, admitted to having fired, but insisting that it was an accident, that the shot, according to him, was only to be used to “frighten the people in the apartment”.

“He explained that he had formed the project”, with Ivenson’s cousin implicated, “to steal narcotics and money from the victim’s family,” the prosecutor further details. Finally, the “last member of the trio” would be the young brother of the alleged shooter, aged 18 and arrested on Monday 15 July near Lille, before “acknowledging his involvement” in turn. All three were indicted for murder and sentenced to prison.



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