The Gareth Bale clan intensifies the war with Real Madrid


More than ever, war has been declared between Real Madrid and the Gareth Bale clan. Jonathan Barnett, the Welshman’s agent, made a strong statement on his player’s future on Tuesday.

It’s an arm wrestling match between Real Madrid and the Gareth Bale clan! A few weeks ago, the Spanish press explained that Zinedine Zidane had told the Welshman that he was not part of his plans. Despite this, Jonathan Barnett, the player’s agent, had constantly claimed to anyone who would listen that Bale would stay at Real Madrid. But the gap between the two sides has widened a little more in recent days. It all began on 21 July at a press conference held by the French coach after the friendly against Bayern Munich. Zidane drew the first draw by kicking the player out. “Bale was left out because Madrid is trying to sell it. If he can leave tomorrow, that’s better. It’s nothing personal, I have nothing against Bale, but I make decisions, there comes a time when it’s time to change, his departure would be better for everyone, also for the player, who knows the situation.

The response of the Bale clan was not long in coming. “Zidane is a disgrace, he shows no respect for a player who has done so much for Real Madrid,” Jonathan Barnett said. This Tuesday, it’s back for a ride. ZZ was invited to respond to the attacks of the Welsh international’s representative. And he was not gentle. “I’m going to try to be very clear about Gareth. First of all, I have shown no disrespect to anyone and even less to a player, because I have always said the same thing, players are the most important thing. If there’s a player here then I’m with him. Secondly, I said that the club was trying to find a way out for Gareth. Thirdly, and most importantly, Gareth didn’t change for the game the other day (against Bayern, editor’s note) because he didn’t want to, nothing more. The club is trying to sell it. Now we come back to the same thing. Bale is a Madrid player and will be training normally today. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I don’t know anything new about the operation. »

The response from Camp Basel was therefore awaited. And she didn’t take long. When asked by Skysports, Jonathan Barnett did not answer Zinedine Zidane directly, as he did a few days ago. He preferred to make a big clarification about the future of his foal, which is announced very close to the Jiansung Suning in China. “There will be no great offer to get him out of the club. Gareth is one of the best players on the planet. I can guarantee you that it will not go on loan to any club. Gareth is a Real Madrid player and, for the moment, he remains a Real Madrid player. If something happens and suits us, then things could change and he could leave in a day or a week. Or he could still be a Real Madrid player for three years until the end of his contract. Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane have been warned, the Basel clan are not going to let them do it!


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